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Minecraft forge

Dec 4, 2016 ... Hey! This blog is no longer the go-to place for official Minecraft news! From now on we'll be posting snapshots, updates, and lots, lots more on ...

Go googly-eyed! Cartoon textures on Pocket / Win 10!

If you’d like to start a new survival game, but don’t want to stress over building up your farms, fire up this world template. In Vaslen, you’ll find a green acropolis and five cozy shacks. Just be careful, this map starts at night!

Minecraft maps

Sep 12, 2019 ... Minecraft Blogs list ranked by popularity based on social metrics, google search ranking, quality & consistency of blog posts & Feedspot ...

Share your real-life Minecraft moments!

Ah, Friday. For many, this signals the start of two chargeless days to kick back and play their favorite games. To help you out with that, we’ve put some new maps on Minecraft Realms for PC, and have brought back some old favorites as well. Whether you’d like to quietly admire new builds by yourself, or frenetically compete with a accumulation of friends, we’ve got article for everyone!

Minecraft shaders

Aug 16, 2019 ... Read the official Minecraft: Education Edition blog. Find out how Minecraft is educational and get inspired with new information on game-based ...

Fight in a fort or bung a tuber

We share our planet with millions of different species. This huge variety of animals and plants, and the places they live, is called biodiversity.  The connections between these species form an intri...

Minecraft java

Mar 14, 2017 ... One of many unofficial Minecraft blogs, this Tumblr blog offers a variety of unique benefits to the Minecraft fan. The first several posts on the top ...

On consoles this holiday: Elytra, End Cities & more

Zombies gather to attack, beginning their approach to your fort. The narrow canyon walls make it difficult for the creatures to move in groups, and from your perch in the bouncer tower, you line up the perfect shot. With a convulsion of arrows and a bit of luck, the sun will be up before the monsters reach you.

Minecraft launcher

Minecraft blogs, tutorials, stories, news and articles written by a community of active Minecrafters. Read about Minecraft and more!

Shouldn't you be on right now?

Gather your friends and grab a potato! Hot Potato is the kind of sport where you don’t want to be larboard holding the ball. Keep your eyes peeled for any agitators rushing you with a spud, and if you get hit, mash your mouse until you pass it off to addition else. These are exploding tubers, so toss them before they detonate!

Minecraft wiki

Explore new gaming adventures, accessories, & merchandise on the Minecraft Official Site. Buy & download the game here, or check the site for the latest news.

Bop a buddy or journey through jungles

We also have a special mention, for anyone that didn’t catch the Light Your Way Home blog post. The map, aptly titled Light Your Way Home, is part of the #MinecraftIRL campaign, designed to blur the lines between the real apple and the crafted world. You can grab this map on Realms, under the adventure map category.

Minecraft games

Pocket Edition is 5 years old! Have a trailer for 1.0!

We are excited to bring you the Back to School Update for Minecraft: Education Edition, now available for all users. The update was first announced at ISTE, and over the accomplished month we ran a beta progr...

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